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My Kreativtour – Saving the Best for Last – Part I

You know, this has been a wonderful year. I’ve met so many good people and experienced so many new things, it seems difficult to recount them all — it has been a year of my personal Kreativtour. A Kreativtour is for me a journey of discovery and of personal growth. 

My Top Three Kreativtours of 2019 

As the days count down to the new 2020, I want to share a look back at those stars that shine most brightly. Two aspects of my Kreativtour concern my illustration business directly. And one is very personal, one I wouldn’t normally share, but one that has accompanied me since 2018 and one that has a great change in my life. But more about that in a moment. 

My Top Three Highlights of my Kreativtour Nr. 3

My Website

Well, you are actually looking at it. „What? What am I looking at?“ you might say, a little confused. A year ago in November Conny Danner from Miss-fits Design began untangling my old site.  She not only gave it a facelift, but made sure that it runs smoothly. (And still does. Thanks, Conny!)

It really makes a difference if you like what you are presenting to the public. My website is more fun to use and to show off. Kind of like having new clothes that make you look like a top model.

Originally I had wanted to blog up to 5 different themes monthly, but found that as an independent Illustrator that the up to 20-30 hours it takes me to write one blog post in two languages, illustrate it or prepare other visuals, edit and proofread it, well, that was a very ambitious goal. Especially with daily business to care for. 

And you deserve good content, not something written for the sake of a Google mention. 

For my Kreativtour 2020 I will be focusing on just that—on the Kreativtour. I will still be writing to you about my passions: Illustrations, books, illustrated DiYs and helping you to start your own Kreativtour, with tips on urban sketching and landscape painting, on losing your shyness of creating in public. Even if you are an introvert. You can do this.

You may not know it, but I financed the website redesign with funds that I earned from drawing „Mannheim wimmelt“. Which brings me to…

My Top Three Highlights of my Kreativtour Nr. 2 

„Mannheim wimmelt“.

My search and find wimmelbook „Mannheim wimmelt“ was released in May and has sold extremely well. 

The staff of Mannheim’s q6q7, a top shopping center in the middle of „Little Mannhattan“ as it likes to call itself, arranged for a wonderful presentation–with huge posters of the pages and they sent out invitations to the press – people from radio, newspapers and television! 

The best of it was, I got to see my Mannheimers again—many of the people who showed up to get their portraits drawn for the book came to the press conference. 

The first step of starting on any book is by going on a Kreativtour and doing urban sketching. I started on the book „Mannheim wimmelt“* by visiting Mannheim and drawing in the open air. I was impressed at how many people were near the Grupello Pyramide Fountain on a Tuesday morning and I began sketching there. 

The only thing I regret is that the book could only have 7 pages. I would love to go back and do another search and find book, maybe titled „Mannheim wimmelt wieder“ (Mannheim is teeming again). 

Fun Fact: There is a special someone who you can find on every page of „Mannheim wimmelt“ and that special someone is really  the highlight of my year

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