Fühlst du dich manchmal, als würdest du nicht ganz dazu gehören? Wie das 5. Rad? Foto ©Kimberley Hoffman, Fotoinhalt: 3 Kinder in Ritterkostüme

The Fifth Wheel

Are you the fifth Wheel?

Have you ever felt like the fifth wheel? Out of place, out of sync with the world or just plain different from everyone else? 

But being the fifth wheel has its advantages. You can stand out and celebrate your originality. You are free to do as you choose. You can support people if you choose, you might even carry them or turn in an entirely different direction than the others who are trotting along a given, worn down path.

The fifth Wednesday in a month is my day to celebrate all those who are on the verge of acknowledging and discovering their own originality. 

Who are ready to break out of the norm and lay the groundwork for their own creativity. It is for individualists everywhere.

It’s Fifth Wheel Day!

Today, Wednesday, May 29th is for you. It’s Fifth Wheel Day!

My way of celebrating is to draw or write something based on readers’ requests. The next Fifth Wheel Day is on July 31st.

If you have a special request, maybe you want to see yourself set in an illustrated search and find scene, or maybe you want to learn more about a special creative technique, just tell me in the comments below. With a little luck I’ll feature your request in the next Fifth Wheel blog. 

Until then, stay creative and celebrate Fifth Wheel Day every day! 

And one more thing: Share this page with other individualists. Together we can build a whole tribe. Just copy the URL in your browser and share it on your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages.

The not a challenge Challenge

If you want to test your creativity, how about drawing with your eyes closed? You can share your results with me on Instagram.

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