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Winter-Wimmel-Wonderland – A St. Nick Giveaway
Voraussichtliche Lesedauer: 2 Minuten Autorin: Kimberley Hoffman ❄️Winter-Wimmel-Wonderland!  For St. Nicholas Day, Silberburg Publishing has generously sponsored an entire set of my Wimmel books! This is a grab bag to warm the heart of any book lover. The lucky winner will receive a package with the following Wimmel books: ⭐️Heidelberg wimmelt ⭐️Mannheim wimmelt ⭐️Heilbronn wimmelt…
“Ludwigsburg wimmelt” Events

Here’s all you need to know about events in Ludwigsburg related to “Ludwigsburg wimmelt”, Ludwigsburg’s first published Wimmel book. There is an exhibition, a finissage with charity auction, an event for the little ones and various signing sessions with the artist.

And it’s Yours!

“Ludwigsburg wimmelt” Exhibition and Benefit Auction The Artist is Present
It is with great pleasure that I announce my exhibition at the Kulturzentrum Ludwigsburg. It will run until November 27th, 2021. At the finissage on November 27th my illustrations from “Ludwigsburg wimmelt” will be auctioned for a good cause. The exhibition “Ludwigsburg wimmelt” runs until November 27th 2021 at the Kulturzentrum Ludwigsburg, Wilhelmstrasse 9/1, 71638 Ludwigsburg.
The finissage will take place from 11:00 a.m. with a charity auction afterwards, also at the Cultural Center (Kulturzentrum Ludwigsburg).

Search and Find Book Reading Made Easy

Do Wimmel pictures make your eyes cross? Anyone who opens a Wimmel book to read will quickly discover: A Wimmel book is a children’s book, but it’s very different.
The sheer number of little pictures can overwhelm some people. They don’t know what to read from the colorful double pages. But help is near: Become a Search-and-Find book reading pro with these 5 Wimmel book reading tips.

A Search and Find Treasure Trove

Everyone has a story to tell, but very few people get to tell it. This distinguishes my Wimmel books from many others.

If a child sees my Wimmel pictures and finds themselves in them, they might read another book. Maybe they will learn to love reading. When I draw the child or their family, the Wimmel book becomes something special, a Wimmel treasure that they pass on to their children.

Yay For Valentine’s Day!

It is really important to remind your friends that you are thinking of them. What better way than with a hand-made Valentine’s card? Follow my quick and easy steps and you’ll have your Valentine’s Day Pop-Up Card production up and going in minutes!

Sweet and Tempting Template Art

In this how-to you can try my template technique with gouache. All you need is some thin cardboard, 1-2 bristle brushes or a kitchen sponge, cut up, and some gouache or cheap acrylics, a sketchbook, a knife and an idea.

Goodbye 2020

2020 was supposed to be a year of hope and vision. But even with 20/20 vision most couldn’t see this coming. But there were some good things this year, too. Join me to find them and why we have cause for hope in 2021.

How Kaia’s Internship got Heilbronn wimmelt teeming on Instagram

Auf Wiedesehen, Kaia! She has been the most superb intern! Read about her experiences and give her a little love for her excellent work on Instagram in the comments.

Kick off the Year with Urban Sketching

Did you ever love drawing anything, ever, at all?
Don’t think, just answer. Why did you stop drawing? And if you’ve never sketched from life, what has stopped you from starting?
Get ready. This year is your year to embark on the Kreativtour.