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Looking Back, Looking Forward — Teeming up with Silberburg Publishers

hoffmanillustrates! celebrates 20 years: A journey of creativity and perseverance

Dive into the world of Wimmel books with illustrator Kimberley Hoffman, who celebrates her 20th anniversary in the industry this year. From her beginnings with self-doubt to current projects with the renowned Silberburg publishing house, this journey is full of highs and lows. Find out how a chance meeting at the Frankfurt Fair kick-started a remarkable career.

Accompany the illustrator on her tour through cities such as Heidelberg, Mannheim and Ludwigsburg and discover how she successfully realizes her projects with creativity and perseverance. From UNESCO World Heritage Sites to fascinating local dialects: Her stories are full of surprises and inspire you to explore the world of Wimmel books. Join the illustrator as she brings the Electoral Palatinate, the Hohenlohe district and other regions to life and prepares for her next adventure: a Wimmel book about the development of Stuttgart. Join us and immerse yourself in a world full of creativity and inspiration. Look forward to more exciting adventures in future Wimmel books and discover the creative magic behind the pictures!

Looking back, Moving Forward: 20 years as a Freelance Illustrator with Imposter Syndrome

Join me on my journey back through 20 years as a freelance illustrator, peppered with the highs and lows of imposter syndrome. From the early days as a young mother to the challenges of making it in the industry, I honestly share my experiences and doubts. Discover how small jobs opened up big opportunities and how I battle imposter syndrome. Immerse yourself in a world of creativity, perseverance and unexpected success. Be inspired by my unique path and the valuable lessons I’ve learned on my 20-year journey as an illustrator. Look forward to stories that encourage and touch hearts. Let’s go!

Unbox the Colorful Chaos: Unboxing of … !

Look what the post has brought! Discover the exciting pages of the “Mannheim wimmelt” Wimmel book in this unboxing video. A lively video tour of the city’s many sights, from the palace and harbor to Luisenpark and the Landmark Water Tower, accompanied by the illustrator herself. Dive in to find out more about the creation of the book and its charming details!

Carnival – A Colorful, Confetti-Filled, Fanciful, Hustle and Bustle

Carnival, the 5th season of the year, is certainly the most popular time of year and is always a favorite theme in my Wimmel books about Baden-Württemberg towns and regions. 
Anyone who knows Carnival knows how much fun it can be. It’s a colorful chaos that only rivals the hustle and bustle in my Wimmel books.  

Initially, there was little Carnival hustle and bustle in Baden-Württemberg up to the mid-20th century. In a conversation with my relatives from Heidelberg, I was surprised to hear that Carnival was not celebrated on such a grand scale in their childhood. 

My cousin’s wife grew up in a Swabian town not far from the university city of Tübingen. She told me that children got “at best one Fastnachtsküchele,” a sweet pastry, before the start of Lent. Today’s Carnival celebrations, as we know them, have only become more popular in the last twenty or thirty years through television. The »Jecken« or Carnival fools were hardly known before then.

In my research for my previous Wimmel books, which are all about regions in Baden-Württemberg, I came across many different traditions surrounding Carnival. The costumes have a special meaning, whether they portray witches, devils, or angels. I have illustrated these as authentically as possible in my hidden object books. Do you want to take a look? Then open my new blog post quickly with a cheerful shout of Carnival now! https://hoffman-illustrates.com/en/carnival2024_hustlebustle/

The Hohenlohe District is Teeming with Fun!

Press Release

»Der Hohenlohekreis wimmelt«
A Delightful Search-And-Find Book For All Ages

The most delightful collection of hidden object books illustrated by Kimberley Hoffman, hoffmanillustrates! is bursting from the seams! The lovingly designed pages of »Der Hohenlohekreis wimmelt«, which means »The Hohenlohe District is Teeming« take readers young and old through the beautiful landscapes of the Hohenlohe district.

There is something going on everywhere.

Discover the festivals and get to know the delightful Old World customs in the towns and villages.

Experience the region with its beautiful castles and rivers, the Kocher and the Jagst. Every page is teeming with humorous characters. Many children, historical figures and adults explore the most beautiful sites of the wonderful Hohenlohe district. Join us on a delightful reading expedition through the Hohenlohe district — the insider tip for families, vacationers, campers, cyclists and adventurers — in Baden-Württemberg.

»Der Hohenlohelkreis wimmelt« is published by Silberburg-Verlag, Tübingen, Germany
ISBN 978-3-8425-2390-6

New Book Releases Spring 2023

Twice the joy. Twice the happiness! My 2023 spring new editions are here-»Die Kurpfalz wimmel« and »Heidelberg wimmelt, 3rd edition« are fresh on the market. The corn mice, who made their debut in »Heidelberg wimmelt,« take you on a tour of the Kurpfalz (Electoral Palatinate) region. Of course, they make a stop in Heidelberg, where anyone, including you, can lose their heart. Wimmel Fun for the whole family!

Do Good Things with Your Art

Charity Auction of Search-and-Find Illustrations Reveals Well-Being for Children

In April, artist Kimberly Hoffman auctioned fine art prints of the search-and-find book «Ludwigsburg Wimmelt» as part of a charity auction to support quality of life outreach in Burkina Faso. The charity, Förderkreis Burkina Faso Ludwigsburg e. V. also supports youth in learning a trade as well as building clean wells for communities in the area. Poignantly, the charity auction itself was affected by global tragedies.

The charity V.P. Susanne Karstedt confirmed that it has been difficult to raise funds for the charity because of the global unrest and that she was deeply grateful for the €2,020. – donation from the «Ludwigsburg wimmelt» artist prints’ auction.

How to Illustrate and Design a Children’s Book

Designing a children’s book, especially a board picture book with little or no text, is a big task that comes with a lot of responsibility. You want to create a children’s book that children will want to read again and again. The presentation I gave at the Ludwigsburg Public Library on April 08, 2022, tells you how.

“Ludwigsburg wimmelt” Charity Auction

“Ludwigsburg wimmelt” Ausstellung und Benefizauktion mit anwesender Künstlerin
Mit großer Freude gebe ich meine Ausstellung im Kulturzentrum Ludwigsburg bekannt. Sie läuft bis zum 08. April 2022. Bei der Finissage am 08. April 2022 werden meine Illustrationen aus “Ludwigsburg wimmelt” für einen guten Zweck versteigert. Die Ausstellung “Ludwigsburg wimmelt” ist bis zum 08. April in der Stadtbibliothek Ludwigsburg, Wilhelmstraße 9/1, 71638 Ludwigsburg.
Die Finissage findet ab 16.00 Uhr mit Bekanntgabe der Gewinner der Versteigerung ebenfalls im Kulturzentrum statt.Anschließend gibt es ein Programm für Kinder zwischen 4-8 Jahre.

“Ludwigsburg wimmelt” Events April Update

Here’s all you need to know about events in Ludwigsburg related to “Ludwigsburg wimmelt”, Ludwigsburg’s first published Wimmel book. There is an exhibition, a finissage with charity auction, an event for the little ones and various signing sessions with the artist.