Illustration of Lelo the cartoon leopard from »Der Hohenlohekreis wimmelt» on a red bike on a blue background. The text is: »Teemiong with fun« and »Out now!« The hidden object book »Der Hohenlohekreis wimmelt» is placed in this image.

The Hohenlohe District is Teeming with Fun!

With my New »Der Hohenlohekreis wimmelt» – The Best Hidden Object Book Collection is Bursting with More Fun and Adventure!

Autorin: Kimberley Hoffman
Lesezeit: Circa 7 Minuten

The best collection of hidden object books is bursting with »Der Hohenlohekreis wimmelt». The lovingly designed pages guide readers young and old through the beautiful landscapes of the Hohenlohe District. 

There is something going on everywhere! In the towns and villages you get to know many festivals and customs. Experience the countryside with its beautiful castles and rivers, the Kocher and the Jagst, and on every page there are numerous characters to discover. There is even a famous person from Kuenzelsau who I was allowed to draw in »Der Hohenlohekreis wimmelt». More on this later. 

Illustration of Lelo the Leopard from »Der Hohenlohekreis wimmelt» on a green background.

Who’s teeming in »Der Hohenlohekreis wimmelt»?

Lelo, The Sweet and Friendly Leopard

Meet Lelo, the friendly leopard of Hohenlohe County. The coat of arms of the county inspired me to develop this beautiful little figure. Lelo is deliberately big and childlike at the same time. The first design I made of this figure was standing and waving, with soft fur and a winning smile. 

Illustration of the Pinguinino family, a child and a parent, riding in a hot air balloon. The text is: »The Pinguinino family discovers the Hohenlohe district from the air! Come and join them!»
Discover the Hohenlohe district with the Pinguinino family

The Pinguinino Family

The Pinguinino family is made up of a parent and a child. I made these characters for single parents. Not every family has a mom, a dad and lots of children, so I decided to bring the penguins to Hohenlohekreis. They are tourists on vacation in the Hohenlohe district. As characters, they can be either female or male.  The interpretation is up to the readers of »Der Hohenlohekreis wimmelt». 

Illustration of the ten kindergarten kids and their two teachers from the hidden object book »Der Hohenlohekreis wimmelt«. The background is bright medium blue. The text reads: „Kindergarten!«
The kindergarten kids are back and teeming with fun in »Der Hohenlohekreis wimmelt«
Illustration of the five schoolchildren from the hidden object book »Der Hohenlohekreis wimmelt». The background is bright red. The text reads: »Schoolchildren!»
Discover the exciting Hohenlohe district with the new school children

»Der Hohenlohekreis wimmelt« Is Absolutely Bursting with Children

The kindergarten kids are on the road again with their teachers, Johanna and Cemil. And once again it was a challenge to keep all ten kids together. Like real children, there were times when a child suddenly disappeared. It was usually hidden by a Photoshop layer. The only thing to do then, as in real life, was to count heads and hope the missing one show up soon. 

New schoolchildren are romping through »Der Hohenlohekreis wimmelt»! Their names are Hana, Jamal, Chris, Ella and Anna. It’s important to me that my little readers recognize themselves in the characters. That’s why this group is a little older, but just as curious and adventurous as the kindergarten kids. 

The kindergarten kids get to go on a carriage ride in Doerzbach. Many have brought their trusty hobbyhorses with them. In Mulfingen, the schoolchild Chris has dressed up as a rooster for the pigeon market. Can you find him? 

At Pfedelbach Castle, Countess Dorothea-Elisabeth is organizing a pretzel day for all the children in the district. They are delighted about it. Yum, yum! Delicious pretzels! 

Illustration of Götz v. Berlichingen, the squire Johann, the castle girl Magda. Götz v. Berlichingen calls out: »You can … visit me again!«
In »Der Hohenlohekreis wimmelt«, Götz von Berlichingen softens his salty, infamous words with funny sayings.

Famous, Infamous, and Oh My, Full of Salty Words My Mama Would’ve Washed My Mouth Out With Soap For

The famous Goetz von Berlichingen could not be missing from this hidden object book. But there was one big problem: he is not only famous for his iron hand, but also for his infamous saying, immortalized in stone in the district, »He can lick my a…». 

Ummm, there’s no way I could write a line like that in a children’s book. For the life of me, I couldn’t. But a solution had to be found. And it was as simple as it was funny. 

Every saying he utters starts with, »You can go and …», and ends with a saying that fits the situation without making big and small ears glow crimson. The sayings contain clues and information about the scenes. How many have you discovered?

Especially when it comes to a certain limestone gully in Krautheim. The locals call this unusual gully »Kuha…sch», which translates into the business end of a cow. Also not a word that necessarily belongs in a children’s book. I left it up to the parents to decide whether they wanted to say the name out loud, and gave them lots of funny hints in case they weren’t familiar with the name. Goetz von Berlichingen and the castle girl Magda were really helpful and also put a humorous spin on the name. 

Famous quote from Dr. Alexander Gerst. The quote can be read in the following text.
Dr. Gerst apologizes to the children of this world.

Famous and Very Down-to-Earth (And Without Salty Language) 

A VIP also appears in my book. He has been to space many times and is a native of Kunzelsau. Why did I draw him planting trees with the kindergarten kids children instead of having him fly over their heads in a rocket? 

Dr. Alexander Gerst is a person who really impresses me. To be able to draw him, I watched many hours of videos of him to familiarize myself with his facial expressions and gestures. Not many people on earth get to travel into space. It would have been an obvious choice to illustrate the famous astronaut from Kuenzelsau either in a space station in outer space or in a rocket. 

But there was one video of him that moved me deeply: »Astro Alex: I have to apologize to you.« (Dr. Gerst is speaking in German in this video.)

In it, he speaks to the children of this earth: »And when I look down at the planet like this, I think I must apologize to you. Right now, it looks like we, my generation, are not exactly leaving the planet in the best condition for you … »

For this reason, I wanted to focus on his down-to-earthiness and his love for our little blue planet alongside the children of the next generation. 

We have the will and the technology to go into space. But do we have the will to protect our planet?

There’s More To Uncover in »Der Hohenlohekreis wimmelt«

Sample speech bubble text with my new custom-designed font »Wimmelspeak». An illustration of a mayor, his wife and his servant carrying a catching net. In addition, a goldfinch flies towards the viewer. The text reads: »Help! Help! Lock the city gate! My goldfinch has escaped!»
Lock the city gate! My goldfinch has escaped!

I Made A Font!

For this book, I developed a font to use in the speech bubbles.  »Wimmelspeak» is the first font that I have ever designed for a hidden object book. For me, the effort involved was ultimately one that made my work easier. It wasn’t difficult to digitize my font idea, either.  I used FontForge for this. I will continue to develop and refine this font. 

Images of seven search and find books that I created for Silberburg Publishers: 1. »Heidelberg wimmelt«, »Mannheim wimmelt«, »Heilbronn wimmelt«, »Ludwigsburg wimmelt«, »Schwaben wimmelt«, »Die Kurpfalz wimmelt«, und »Der Hohenlohekreis wimmelt«. Der Hintergrund ist Mittelblau. Der Text liest: »7 is a lucky numberl« und »Der Hohenlohekreis wimmelt, get it while it’s hot!«
Seven is a lucky number!

Seven Is A Lucky Number

»Der Hohenlohekreis wimmelt» is my seventh wimmelbook for the Silberburg publishing house, and I’m already working on my eighth.

»Der Hohenlohekreis wimmelt» is available in every good bookshop and online. Unfortunately, a little gremlin listed the book under »Hohenlohe wimmelt» on Amazon. The error still exists and will hopefully be corrected soon. Until then, simply enter the ISBN in the relevant online search mask, and you can order this lovely hidden object book.

Or Would You Prefer Me to Sign Your Copy of »Der Hohenlohekreis wimmelt»? 

If you would like to order a signed copy of this or my other hidden object books directly from me, for yourself or as a gift, please e-mail me. I will be happy to write a special dedication on the cover on request. If you are outside of Europe, I’ll have to check the availablity of shipping prior to accepting your requests. 

»Der Hohenlohekreis wimmelt«

»Der Hohenlohekreis wimmelt« is a book published by Silberburg-Verlag, Tübingen

ISBN 978-3-8425-2390-61
1st Edition 2023
Books are subject to the German Fixed Price Act (Preisbindungsgesetz) and cannot be discounted for retail.

Cover illustration of the Wimmel book »Der Hohenlohekreis wimmelt« which means »The Hohenlohe District Is Teeming"
The Hohenlohe district is teeming with fun and adventure!