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My hidden object illustrations fascinate, tell stories, hide objects right in front of your eyes. They are ageless images for toddlers, grandchildren, moms, dads, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandmas and granddads, neighbors, friends and even strangers. They are textless and yet are teeming with little stories that captivate you. Timeless and virtually unlimited in character. Everyone loves them because they can find themselves in my search and find stories again and again.

Die Kurpfalz wimmelt

This »Wimmel«-book is an imaginative hidden object journey through famous Electoral Palatinate cities such as Heidelberg and Mannheim.

Discover the seasons in the Kurpfalz – chase away Winter in Mosbach, Maulbronn, Knittlingen and Sinsheim. And watch as Spring enchantingly makes its entrance.

The summer sun pampers you on your journey along the famous „Bergstrasse“ or »Mountain Road«, in Hemsbach, Weinheim, Wiesloch, Nußloch and Leimen. Splash in the Rhine and pitch your tent on its banks. Take part in a race at the famous Hockenheimring.  Admire the gardens of Schwetzingen Castle.

Enjoy the colors of autumn in the Odenwald, in Eberbach and at the mountain fortress in Dilsberg and celebrate Christmas in Ladenburg and Schriesheim.

Each place is bustling with detailed, witty hidden object stories and hidden object characters. The Kurpfalz is a fascinating destination for explorers of all ages at any time of year.

“Die Kurpfalz wimmelt” is bustling with famous and historical figures.

“Die Kurpfalz wimmelt” stimulates the imagination and takes you on a fun hidden object („Wimmel“) discovery trip full of hidden object adventures through the Kurpfalz region.

Die Kurpfalz wimmelt
ISBN: 978-3-8425-2177-3


Kunde: Silberburg
Werk: Bilderbuch, Buchillustration, Wimmelbilder, Wimmelbuch, Aktivitätsbuch, Kinderbuch, Pappbuch

“Schwaben wimmelt”

This is a search-and-find book about the Swabian region in Germany.

The journey to the heart of Swabia starts in the Neckar region around Heilbronn with Weibertreu Castle and the famous amusement park Tripsdrill, leads through the Swabian-Franconian Forest to Crailsheim in Hohenlohe, to the state capital Stuttgart, to Esslingen and Ludwigsburg. The fun-filled trip continues to the university town of Tübingen and the Bebenhausen monastery, to the Achalm town of Reutlingen, to Rottweil with its Swabian-Alemannic carnival, and on to the double city of Villingen-Schwenningen in Baden and Swabia. After an excursion to the wintry Swabian Alb with its famous castles and caves and a round trip through Upper Swabia with Sigmaringen, Ulm, Ravensburg, Weingarten and Tettnang, the trip finally ends at Lake Constance, the “Swabian Sea”, in Friedrichshafen with the Zeppelin Museum.

And there is always something going on everywhere! In the cities and towns, you will get to know festivals and customs and learn many exciting things about the beautiful Swabian countryside. Funny characters frolic on every page, and the whole diversity of Swabian life can be discovered here. Fun for the whole family and for all who have Swabia in their hearts.

“Schwaben wimmelt”:
ISBN: 978-3-8425-2355-5

Client: Silberburg Verlag
Work: picture book, paperback, book illustration, Wimmel pictures, Wimmel book, activity book, search-and-find book, search-and-find pictures, children’s book, board book

“Mannheim wimmelt”

Wimmel Fun in the Square City

Everything in Mannheim is teeming and bustling!

Things are not only turbulent on the Paradeplatz and at the Water Tower. Whether on the Kapuzinerplanken at the fun children’s festival, in front of the Mannheim Castle, at the Commercial Port, the City Market and the TECHNOSEUM or in the hustle and bustle of the main train station – Mannheim is teeming!

Young and old readers can discover the exciting Mannheim together in funny pictures, together with the corn mice, which can be found on every search-and-find picture.

A Wimmel book about one of the largest cities in Baden-Württemberg, drawn with great love; a journey of discovery for people of all nationalities, visitors and residents alike, for hours of searching fun.

“Mannheim wimmelt”:

ISBN: 978-3-8425-2102-5

Kunde: Silberburg Verlag
Work: picture book, paperback, book illustration, Wimmel pictures, Wimmel book, activity book, search-and-find book, search-and-find pictures, children’s book, board book

“Ludwigsburg wimmelt”

There is so much happening in the magnificent baroque city of Ludwigsburg: Not only on the market square around the Eberhard Ludwigs Fountain, but also at the Ludwigsburg Palace with the Blühenden Barock (Blooming Baroque) and on the Bärenwiese (Bear Meadow), where the horse market and the dachshund race are underway, there are many fabulous details to discover. Also at the Monrepos Castle, in the Fairy Tale Garden, at the Pumpkin Festival, at the Venetian Fair and in the Hoheneck open-air swimming pool, countless people, animals and funny figures cavort. Of course, the baroque Christmas market is not to be missed, and at the end there’s the amazing musical fireworks.

The corn mice, baroque angels, the poet Friedrich Schiller, the little purple dragon Henndragon, dachshunds in sausage costumes, a little monkey, the golden donkey with his squire, the pumpkin carriage and many other pumpkins – and Louise, the largest piggy bank in the world. Discover over 430 real Ludwigsburger, too! Such fun for the whole family!

“Ludwigsburg wimmelt”:
ISBN: 978-3-8425-2138-4

Client: Silberburg Verlag
Bilderbuch, Taschenbuch, Buchillustration, Wimmelbilder, Wimmelbuch, Wimmelbuch

“In Heilbronn wimmelt es”

„Heilbronn wimmelt“ is a picture book about the sights, sounds and family-friendly places in Heilbronn, Germany. It was commissioned by Silberburg-Verlag.

For this book, I went to Heilbronn to research the city, to meet the inhabitants, to experience what makes Heilbronn special and different. I also invited the citizens to appear in my book, the response was overwhelming. In the end,  I drew around 350 Heilbronners.

„Heilbronn wimmelt“ was longlisted by the Association of Illustrators in the World Illustration Awards.

Heilbronn is teeming with activity!

Things are bustling in the famous “Käthchenstadt” (“Käthchen Town”)! Not only at the Kilianskirche and on the market square, but also at the Experimenta and in the railroad museum, there are countless witty details to discover. On the grounds of the Federal Horticultural Show, at the salt harbor and in the salt mine, on the Wartberg with its vineyards, at the Christmas circus and on the Neckar River, countless people, animals and funny figures will be cavorting.

On every page you can find the Käthchen von Heilbronn, the corn mice, green Martians with their UFO, the Kiliansmännle with a standard, a floating clown, a lansquenet with a lion, a pair of lovers, the golden rabbit looking for his blue fish, the cheeky little dragon and the Heilbronn voice. Who will find them all?

A humorous search adventure for the whole family, for locals as well as for visitors of the lively old town on the Neckar.

“Heilbronn wimmelt”:
ISBN: 978-3-8425-2355-5

Client: Silberburg Verlag
picture book, paperback, book illustration, Wimmel pictures, Wimmel book, Wimmel book, activity book, search-and-find book, search-and-find pictures

Heilbronn, you have sooo much to offer

that „Heilbronn wimmelt“ made it onto the Long List of the Association of Illustrators „World Illustration Awards“.

My wimmel book “Heilbronn wimmelt” was chosen from more than 5200 entries for the Long List of the AOI World Illustration Awards.

I did not expect that. And thanks to “my” Heilbronnians for their loving support and for providing a wealth of background information, suggestions and stories about Heilbronn. Also many thanks to Silberburg-Verlag for this fantastic project and for their fabulous cooperation.

Heilbronn wimmelt
ISBN 978-3-8425-2333-3

Graphic: World Illustration Awards 2021 #WIA2021 Longlisted artist

Heidelberg wimmelt since 2017

“Heidelberg wimmelt”

„Heidelberg wimmelt“ was my first search and find book. Heidelberg has a very special place in my heart and in my life. It was the first city I visited in Germany, when I was invited to get to know some distant relations that lived there and it as special and homey to me like a child’s favourite cuddly blanket.

I got to know Silberburg-Verlag, the publisher, at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2015 and was given the commission to draw the illustrations in 2016. There are more than 900 working hours in that book – a bundle of research, event drawings, on site sketches, rough drafts, and final illustrations. And there are over 200 real Heidelberg residents depicted in it.

The picture stories are made primarily for the residents of Heidelberg, as a thank you to the city that became a turning point in my life  and a city that fulfilled a big dream of mine.

„Heidelberg wimmelt“ is also intended for its visitors, who are often tourists on very whirlwindy vacations, so that they can remember the sites and the hidden wonders of Heidelberg. It also makes a great present for the folks back home.

And of course, „Heidelberg wimmelt“ is for children. They usually find the Wander Mice and the hidden stories a gazillion times faster than the adults.

There is always something new to discover in „Heidelberg wimmelt.“

„Heidelberg wimmelt appeared in 2017 in Silberburg-Verlag and is available at local and online booksellers.

“Heidelberg wimmelt”:
ISBN: 978-3-8425-2006-6


client: Silberburg Verlag
picture book, paperback, book illustration, Wimmel pictures, Wimmel book, Wimmel book, activity book, search-and-find book, search-and-find pictures


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