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Author: Kimberley Hoffman
Video length: 3:45 (Minutes/Seconds)

Reading Length: About 6 Minutes

I’ve transcribed the video for you (and added some outtakes)

Discover the colorful chaos … Unboxing of …

Here. I have something. Now I think I know what it is. (giggle) I’ve had under my desk for a few days because I was busy. But I did want to share this for you. This is from my publisher’s delivery service. And a while ago back, my publisher said that one of my books was going to the next edition, which was really exciting for me as an artist.

Because as an illustrator, because that means that people like the book. People like my Baby! Do you want to see, which baby this is? Let’s go! This is live. All live! I like this sound (sound of cardboard ripping) here. Want to hear it again? (sound of cardboard ripping)

Which Wimmel Book is It?

Let’s see… AHA!!! , Do you see what I see? Oh isn’t this exciting?.» Mannheim wimmelt. «»Mannheim wimmelt«…It was my second book.

The Children’s Festival in Mannheim

There are so many things going on. This is a children’s festival in Mannheim. 

The Mannheim Palace

This is the palace, which really that palace presents huge problem for me. It’s so big and there are people in here. Real people are in here. They signed up for it. Look here. The mice, they’re going to wedding. Well, there’s my dad. I don’t know if you can see my dad is here with the alligator.

The Mannheim Harbor

And here is the harbor with containers. Trains. And you know, you can always talk about what are in the containers, or what could be in the containers. Mice, here, a sea monster. Of course, it’s a river monster because it’s not a sea, it’s the Neckar River. 

The Mannheim City Marketplace … Where’s the Banana?

And then there’s the city market and I don’t know, you can’t see it so well, but there’s actually a banana hidden in one of these windows in a pot.

And here it is, a stork for this family who’s getting married.

The technoseum … From Industrial Revolution to the Revolution of Robots

Und hier ist das Museum. 

Everybody loves ❤️ Luisenpark

And here is a park, but you have to pay to give in to. But it’s it’s a very beautiful park. And piggies! I love the piggies! 

Bahnhofsszene aus »Mannheim wimmelt«

Choo! Choo! 🚂 Playing Horseshoes at the Main Train Station

And here is the train station. I had to get permission to draw the German rail trains because if you don’t get permission, you could get problems.

And then here these areas are difficult because they were very plain. So I had a group of travelers playing horseshoes while they wait. Here’s the outside of the train station. And here’s the Mannheimer ice hockey logo. 

Mannheim’s Most Beloved Landmark … The Water Tower

Here is their (Mannheim’s) favorite place. It really is very pretty here. 

So that’s the book. Which addition is it? It’s the third edition here. 3! 3!

It’s the third edition. Well, I never, ever thought, I never dreamt that I’d get a third edition book. That makes me feel so grateful to all of you who bought it. Thank you so much.

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