This is an illustration of Mannheim’s famous Green Market, where you not only can buy fruits and vegetables, but can stop and enjoy coffee or tea from one of the many cafés. On top of the Justice of the Peace’s roof is a storch delivering a baby - maybe to the newly wedded couple below? And on the twin roof of the building that belongs to the church you can find some poor church mice. The little rhino girl and her friend the dragon are buying some delicious fruits. A nearby chef sees some potatoes he wants to buy. Oops, there is a little mishap. A man with a beard is kneeling to pick up the wares that fell out of an old lady’s shopping bag. In the back right of the picture you can see that trouble is brewing. A girl on a bicycle collided with a guy and now they are quite angry. In the right lower corner of the image you can see the happy café visitors, In the lower right corner you can see my father with his alligator, Ollie, who is eating some fish. Caro, from Carokissen (Kissen means pillows in German) is in the lower center. She has a very funny bike trailer. It is a crib on wheels from which she sells her wares. The Wandermice are waiting for the streetcar. The RNV streetcar has just pulled in and is going in the other direction.


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Auf Wiedesehen, Kaia! She has been the most superb intern! Read about her experiences and give her a little love for her excellent work on Instagram in the comments.

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I am working on a Kamishibai Theater project with Christian Eldagsen, creator of the logotherapeutic game Polimilao. Our Kamishibai projekt is focused on conflict management for children in Kindergarten and Elementary School. Kamishi-whaaaa? The word „kamishibai“ is a compound word; „kami“ means „paper“ and „shibai“ means „theater“ in Japanese, in short, it is  „paper theater“. …
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Cats and Kids are in Wimmel mit! And I am illustrating a new Wimmelbook!
This chivalrous, brave boy and his darling cat are joining the Wimmel-fun! A. is the son of a friend of my sister, all three live in the USA. According to his mother, he likes dinos, traits and the color purple. The lovely cat S. loves a long nap in the sun. She sounds like she's…
The Family teams up for Wimmelt mit!
Eine Familie wimmelt mit! Timo Timo has a charming, irresistible smile, doesn't he? He is sporty as well as an avid climber. In Wimmelt mit!! The Online Wimmelpicture Project, he will be appearing as a knight in shining armor in the children's knights' tournament. Monika I know Monika personally, she is a wonderful woman whose…

One size fits all?






No. That is why I master many.

Each project has unique parameters. Each client has individual expectations. My illustrations are suited for young and old alike with a special focus on children and families. My historical drawings are crafted in great detail. You’ll even find me drawing fun and sketchy portraits at events. And I draw all of this with my personal, exceptional and unmistakable signature.

Kimberley Hoffman

My focus in Illustration and Design is for companies who provide goods and services to families with children, to boys who are in touch with their softer side and to girls who climb trees in tutus. And for kids that roar down the hill in rickety wagons.

I work in many different styles, from light and playful to very detailed. You’ll find that my illustrations are versitile and can accompany not just Children’s and Non-Fiction literature, packaging and broschures but many other media forms, as well.


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