Vacation Apartements

These vacation apartment floor plans are an example of a lovely private commission that I completed in 2018. My task was to make the floor plans of the apartments more appealing. The desired style was a relaxed marker style. My client provided me with a reference style file and of course the floor plans of the apartments.

Il Piante della Città

I used to teach English to adult and teenage learners and understand the special challenges of language teaching: Either the students aren’t able to actively recall the particular vocabulary – which is quite frustrating for them, or when they can remember it, the available maps are too simple and boring. I’ve also found that an illustration based on perspective can often be confusing to new learners.

City Vectors

Es sind historische Gebäude und Sehenswürdigkeiten sowie für Wolfenbüttel typische Flora und Fauna, wie etwa, die Raben.
Die Illustrationen sind verspielt und eignen sich für Aufdrucke auf Werbeprodukte und Stadtpläne.

Search and Find Illustrations

The Germans have a great word for search and find pictures. It is called Wimmelbild (Vee-mell-bild) and a book of search and find illustrations is simply called a Wimmelbuch (Vee-mell-boo-ch – the „ch“ sounds a little bit like a cat hissing, but not really angrily).
No matter what language, these kinds of illustrations are great because they combine so many little stories into one image.
They are great for producing language.

The Pirate Party Planner

The Pirate Party Planner not only has games and recipes to follow. I’ve included many craft activities for before and during the BIG DAY , for example, pop-up invitation cards that even kindergarten kids can fold, as well as trinkets to make that are guaranteed to double your fun. The crafts can be printed out on a normal household ink-jet printer.
The select, tested recipes are easy to prepare, the whole family can participate.
The special thing about my Pirate Party Planner are the treasure chest pages, where the birthday child can stick photos and write special memories. In addition, all guests can write their “X” there. Ahoy!