Educational Illustrations

Reading, speaking, counting, colouring – my illustrations make that all the more fun!

I illustrate for learners of all age groups – the young and the old. With tongue twisters and alternatives to old fashioned swing-book writing exercises children learn reading and writing, drawing and painting.

With my creation, Il Piante della Cittá, i take on the special challenge of teaching adults a foreign language.

LineLino - Auf dem Bauernhof

LineLino – Auf dem Bauernhof

»LineLino — Visit the Farm« is a unique book that teaches children (and adults) how to draw and paint. Trace the white lines with a thick, dark pencil and paint the colored area with crayons, watercolors or colored pencils. Nominated for the German Design Award 2016.

The Class Trip

School Book Vignettes

Pages to Color

You can download »The Rattlesnake« and »The Giant Sneeze« to color them yourself. You can find all the pictures to color on the Freebies and Templates page.

Occasionally a publisher needs an illustrator who is flexible enough to continue with a style that has already been established for a book or book series. No need to look any further. My work is very versatile and I can adjust my style to fit your particular project. Simply contact me with your style wishes and your request.

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