Wimmelworkshops launch “Heidelberg wimmelt”

"Heidelberg wimmelt" in Mannheim and in Maerchenparadies, Heidelberg

A huge shout out to Ms. Keller from the Buecherei Boettger in Mannheim and to Family Mouhlen, the owners of Maerchenparadies in Heidelberg for providing the perfect locations to successfully launch my new search-and-find book, "Heidelberg wimmelt."

That is all very exciting but the best part of the weekend was working with the children of Heidelberg in "Wimmelworkshops" on how to make your own search-and-find images. The children are all great artists, one child, Louis, was very prolific, so I wanted to share what we had done together. Just scroll down a bit and glimpse at the next up-and-coming illustrators showing themselves in self portraits and in search-and-find drawings.

My thanks to Frencesco, Carlotta, Laura, Arne, Luis, Elias, Felix, Mathilda, Lina und Emely for your participation and for your wonderful drawings!

If you are interested in my "Wimmelworkshop for Kids" just let me know.


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