Wimmelsearchtip of the week 18 – the teen elephants dorm

"Heidelberg is crawling with" tip of the week 18 - the young bulls-WG

Heidelberg is full - Wimmelsuchtipp of week 18

After a week-long Wimmelsuchtipppause (because I was at the Frankfurt Book Fair last week have reported about it), you'll find a situation, like everyone who has siblings or once lived in a shared apartment, in the today's Wimmelsuchtipp of the week knows - the Teasing. 

In the Zoo Heidelberg, there's a very special Gehege...die steers WG. Before I got concerned with the Zoo, it was unaware that young bulls must generally leave their herd, because they, like many pubescent boys often organize nonsense with their just-discovered strengths. You are being expelled from their herds in the wild. This can be a problem in zoos around the world. Teenage Wolfpack, who are also still tons heavy, can rough up their herd pretty. 

The current inhabitants of the young bulls WG name Tarak, Gandhi, Khin Ydanaer min and Ludwig and are Asian elephants. The oldest is 12 years old, the youngest only 6. Normally leave the young bulls their herd at the age of 4-5 years. If you look closely, you would realize their their characters are different. You tease himself, throw occasionally with straw, spewing water from one of the ponds, which are in the system. They are playful and have a good social behaviour are very well integrated into the Zoo Heidelberg in their 4 WG.

The Zoo Heidelberg began in the year 2010 with the concept of the young bull posture, and Germany a unique project is supported within the framework of the European conservation breeding programme. The system for these giants is spacious, inside as well as outside. 

I find the Zoo Heidelberg does a good job with their "young guys". Young bulls have play areas, refuges and daily training, where the elephants learn voluntarily with their nurses to work. And you realize how much is the welfare of the animals of the Zoo staff.

Even if it's not exactly high season in the Zoo Heidelberg, always the visit worthwhile. The Zoo from 9:00 17:00 is open in the winter time, the animal houses are open until 16:30. 

And when you're away too far to visit this special Jungs WG, then you can search in "Heidelberg abound", that can get your course at your Lieblinglingsbuchhändler, directly from the silver Castle Publishing House, or at the online bookseller of your trust.  

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