Wimmelsearchtip of the week 5

"Heidelberg wimmelt" Tip of the week 5

Wimmelsearchtip of the week 5

Today we are looking at an action filled page of "Heidelberg wimmelt". It is a favorite place for Heidelberg's residents, students and visitors alike. The Neckarwiese offers a colorful hustle and bustle, a beautifully designed water playground and once a year there's a huge festival "The Living Neckar". Who can find the cycling stork today and who knows who wins the bike race? And who can discover the figure blowing soap bubbles in the race? Tune in next week for the answer.

Until then, enjoy Summer in Heidelberg. If you get to visit the Neckarwiese, write in the comments below what fun you had there. 

If you do not have "Heidelberg wimmelt" already, you can get the popular Wimmelbuch in the favorite bookstore, directly from Silberburg Verlag or at the online retailer of your choice. Hurry, it is selling out fast.  

Have fun doing your Wimmelsearch in "Heidelberg wimmelt"!

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