Wimmelsearchtip of the week 4

"Heidelberg wimmelt" tip of the week 4

Wimmelsearchtip of week 4 (with Bonuswimmelsearch tip)

Yesterday, I celebrated not only the Fourth of July - "Independence Day", but also the 35th Anniversary of my first visit to Germany. 

I was 17 and without ever having met these distant relatives before, I flew to Germany at the invitation of my "Onkel" Fritz to visit his family in Heidelberg. His son, my second cousin once removed, and his wife picked me up from Frankfurt airport and for the first time I experienced what a 200 km/h (124 mp/h) Autobahn ride was like. Believe me, you can't forget this kind of Sunday driving.

I can no longer say if I visited the Heidelberg castle directly on the next day with the family. But like the young girl in the Wimmelsearch tip of the week, I took many photos with my camera. Have you stood where that girl is standing? If so, tell me about your visit in the comments below, I'd be delighted to hear about it.

And today, to celebrate my first visit, I'm giving you a bonus Wimmelsearchtip. The kissing couple, which can be seen in the background, are not only madly in love with each other, they're everywhere to be found in "Heidelberg wimmelt". But where? Because they've hidden themselves pretty well. Write in the comments below where you found them.

In Heidelberg, you can lose your heart really easily just like my "Onkel" Fritz did to his wife, my "Tante" Anneliese. Do you know where the most romantic places in Heidelberg are? Let me know and I will publish your suggestions.

And if you still don't have a copy of my Wimmelbook "Heidelberg wimmelt", you can find it in your favorite bookstore, directly from Silberburg-Verlag or from at the online dealer of your choice. 

Enjoy searching for the wimmelsearchtips of the week!

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