Wimmelsearchtip of the Week 21 – Fit and Pregnant

Heidelberg wimmelt' tip of the week 21, Fit and Pregnant, Illustration of pregnant women on the Koenigstuhl in Heidelberg while doing Nordic Walking.

Heidelberg wimmelt – Wimmelsearchtip of the Week – 21 – Fit and Pregnant – with an extra tip for a fun fall wimmelsearch

The Königstuhl in Heidelberg has the perfect Nordic Walking course in its mixed forest full of earthy scents. The sun shines on the tall trees and casts shadows, which form a picturesque contrast to the brightly lit forest floor and meandering paths. I love the flaming colors of autumn, and love to walk through colorful forests. Do you too? It is good for the soul and lets your most inner thoughts grow wings and fly. I can imagine my pregnant ladies that I illustrated in 'Heidelberg wimmelt' feel the same way. I was also once a sporty pregnant woman when I worked at the package design agency in Braunschweig, riding 28 km a day back and forth to work on my bike. (I don't like riding busses and would even ride my bike in Winter)

Isn't it so that when mothers see pregnant women that they automatically think back to their own pregnancy? Those magnificently round bellies gently swaying with new beings are the hopes of our future and also the reason that many people involuntarily smile with joy. 

Just look at the picture and tell me how many pregnant women you see. Did you say three? No. Look again. Three expectant mothers are indeed running through the forest on this sunny autumn day, but in fact there are four pregnant women in this little illustration. If you look at the couple on the bench at the funicular station, you will see that this woman is also expecting and is very pregnant… she’s almost ready to burst. She is at that last stage of pregnancy where sleeping on your belly feels just as comfortable as sleeping on a basketball. Only the basketball won't kick you when you do. 

And now I'm going to give you a little sleuthing to do: Find the woman and her partner in 'Heidelberg wimmelt.' Search every page. I'd be interested to see how many of my readers are good detectives. If you need help, ask a child. I can hardly believe how quickly children can perform search tasks – sometimes I need a pair of glasses myself to find my own figures again. It's a fun pastime especially when the days of November get dark so early. 

Let me know in the comments below how quickly you solved the riddle. And if you tried searching together with a child — who found the expectant couple faster?  

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