Wimmelsearchtip of week 20 – The Funicular Railway

"Heidelberg wimmelt" tip of week 20, the mountain funicular railway on the Königstuhl, illustration from "Heidelberg wimmelt"

Heidelberg wimmelt – Wimmelsearchtip of the Week 20 - Heidelberg wimmelt – The Funicular

Last week I told you about the nature trail, Via Naturae & the Forest Adventure Path, on top of the Königstuhl, where you can discover wonderous creatures – including dragons. This week I'll tell you how to get there and something about this very old means of transportion - the Heidelberger Funicular. And finally I will tell you something that doesn't have to do with the Wimmelsearchtip of the Week, but which I am very happy about.

The Heidelberger Bergbahnen are really the tourist attraction for technophiles. It is a combined wire rope and rack railway, which began its maiden voyage to the ‘Molkenkur’ in 1890. Seventeen years later the line was extended, so the Heidelberger and their guests could ride up to the Königstuhl to enjoy the breathtaking views. This historic railway was awarded special significance as a cultural monument by the State Office Of Monuments.

Although the rails are completely renovated, the special charm of the funicular lies in the railway cars that are over 100 years old which run in the upper line above Heidelberg Castle. It jiggles and jogs a little bit, but if you are train - and technology-enthusiastic, or just fond of history, you will enjoy the ‘yesteryear’ - feeling of traveling on it. Children are just mesmerized by the ride. The fragrance of old wood and brass, the sound of the wheels on the track, the rhythm of the mountain railway is really a great experience - and did I mention how breathtaking the view into the valley is?

At the station 'Königstuhl' thereis a small technology museum with gears and mountain railway uniforms, and tools. It is a small, yet extremely fascinating, exhibition. Besides the musem there are many wonderful things to do when you are on the Königstuhl: The Via Naturae, The Forest Adventure Trail for Children, the Märchenparadies Family Park, as well as as the Walking Trail. And if you need a little bit of nourishment, there are two cafès, one directly at the mountain station (the kiosk) and one in  Märchenparadies. 

As Autumn brushes its colors over the Neckar Valley, you know that a trip to the Königstuhl is definitely worthwhile.

But if you have bad weather on the day that you want to go or are simply too far away to reach the Königstuhl for a day trip, you can visit it and the funicular in my wimmelbook, 'Heidelberg wimmelt'. You can get ‘Heidelberg wimmelt’ from your favorite bookseller, directly from the publisher, Silberburg-Verlag or from an online bookstore of your choice.

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And if you have not yet heard: I now have an illustration agent in England - Oxford Designers and Illustrators.  I am really delighted about this and am looking forward to new contacts, new projects, and some more illustration adventures. 

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