Wimmelsearchtip of the Week 15

"Heidelberg wimmelt" tip of the week 15 - The Falconer

Wimmelsearchtip of the Week 15

In order to draw "Heidelberg wimmelt", I had to overcome something big and personal... I have a deep seated (and justified) fear of birds, which is officially called "Ornithophobia". Yes. Just the idea of visiting the falconry "Tinnunculus" in Heidelberg made me break out in a cold sweat and left me feeling very anxious. But the owners allowed me to spend as much time as I needed there before, during and after the show. I am very grateful for that, because the treatment of the animals there is very affectionate and respectful. 

I met the falcon, Prince, and his Princess. The other female falcon, The Chubby One as well as Nadia, the Steppe Eagle, and Julian, the mighty owl. And for the first time in years I could stand having a bird near me… the American Stained Falcon female, small, cute and curious with her colorful head. (She hopped on my sketchbook as I was drawing her) And I met yet another animal there - Frieda, the ferret, who won everyone's hearts with her wobbly gait. 

On this day, my knowledge of ornithology grew and my ornithophobia receded (at least a little bit). 

If you look at the Wimmelsearchtipp you can see how relaxed the animals are. If you have time, visit them in Heidelberg on the Koenigstuhl. And if you are too far away for a visit, you can see them in "Heidelberg wimmelt", of course, which you can get from your Lieblinglingsbuchhändler, directly from the publisher, Silberburg-Verlag, or at an online bookseller of your choice. 

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