Wimmelsearchtip of the Week 11

"Heidelberg wimmelt" Wimmelsearchtip of the week 11

Wimmelsearchtip of the Week

My readers will have probably noticed that I hadn't posted any Wimmelsuchtipp of the week last week. Why not? How this could have happened is also the reason that I am posting this little image from "Heidelberg wimmelt" this week: Just barely two weeks my daughter was accepted at the Hochschule Harz.

We were more or less just back from vacationing in the Alps when I heard a very loud cheer (reminiscent of a yodel from the decibel level, but with a decisively different tone) coming from my daughter's room, because she'd just opened her mail about being accepted to college. Actually the semester begins on September 18th, but she would like to participate in an induction course, therefore on the 4th of September "das Ernst des Lebens" (German for "the profound seriousness of life") begins again. So, my daughter and I were busy last week visiting her new college, and finding an apartment for her. We found an one very quickly. (It sounds really cool because it is a bungalow apartment and bigger than a dorm room) The lease is signed. And "The Big Move" is this weekend. Sigh, after 19 years… everything is going a bit too fast. 

You might ask, why is this crazy person using illustrations of gorillas in a zoo as a symbol for a move? When I painted these figures,  I had read of a young gorilla, Kwame, who was relocating from Heidelberg Zoo to Rostöcker Zoo. So, I imagined that he would be happy going out into the big wide world, while his mother symbolically gives him a heart shaped balloon. You notice that it is a little hard for her to let him go, even though she is glad that he is facing an exciting new part of his life. 

Have you already visited the monkeys' revier at the Heidelberg Zoo? Maybe you've seen Kwame there. And if not, then simply take a look at the Zoo in "Heidelberg wimmelt".  If you don't have one yet, you can get the fun hidden object book from your favorite book store, directly from the publisher, Silberburg-Verlag, or at the online bookseller of your choice. 

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