Wimmelsearch Tip of the Week 6

"Heidelberg wimmelt" Wimmel-search tip of the week 6

Wimmelsuchtipp of the week 6

In last week's Wimmelsearch tip of the week, I promised to let you in on who wins the "Heidelberg wimmelt" bike race and also who is blowing big fun bubbles while riding in that race. You can see the bubble maker in the illustration above. Yes! It is the clown who was recently mentioned in the newspaper, the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung in issue 02. June, 2017, was discovered in its article "Viel los auf der Neckarwiese."

Did you find him already? Write in the comments below where you found him.  

And who won the bicycle race across the Neckar meadow? Take a look back at the Wimmel-search tip of the week 5 and discover that funny character. 

Or just grab yourself a copy of  "Heidelberg wimmelt." You can get the popular hidden object book of favorite bookstore, directly from the publisher, Silberburg-Verlag, or the online retailer of your choice.

Enjoy the adventures in Heidelberg wimmelt!


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