Wimmelsearch Tip of the week 1

Der winkende, weinende Drache aus "Heidelberg wimmelt" / The crying dragon who waves goodbye in Heidelberg wimmelt

Wimmel Search Tip of the Week 1

Today you are reading my very first "Heidelberg wimmelt" Wimmel-Search-Tip-of-the-Week.

As you can see, it is a colorful little dragon. But, why is he crying and whom is he waving goodbye to? 

It is your turn to play Sherlock Holmes. Can you find this little dragon in my new search-and-find book "Heidelberg wimmelt"? Do you know why he is sad and what Happy End he's facing?

Enter your solutions below and with a little luck win one of five original signed "Heidelberg wimmelt" postcards. (My secret tip: The answer has something to do with the Maerchenparadies (Fairytale Paradise) park at the top of Heidelberg's famous Königstuhl.)

The closing date is June 27th, 2017. 

Legal action is prohibitted. One entry per person only.

Which page of "Heidelberg wimmelt" is the little dragon on?

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If you find the small, crying Dragon? Who can find the little crying dragon

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