Wimmel mit! Tours through Wolfenbüttel!

Wimmel mit! Tour with me through Wolfenbüttel

Go on a discovery tour with Wimmel mit! The Online Wimmelpicture Project!

And Action!

In my last blog I promised to take you on a tour of Wolfenbüttel, which I plan on using for the background of the Wimmel mit! Wimmelpicture – a short tour through my city and a big jump for me into video production. I guess I underestimated the amount of time I'd need to create and edit a video in two languages, so it took longer than I'd planned for. But on the whole, I am satisfied with my "debut video" (I've done short 1-2 minute videos but none with music nor cutting 2 hours of film down into 8 1/2 minutes.) It's done now and I've learned that "done is better than perfect."

I think that you will come to love my city as much as I do.

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It was very cold on the day I filmed. Reallllllly cold. But that's ok. The sun was shining and the sky was blue. And anyway, you are worth an afternoon of filming my favorite places in Wolfenbüttel.

I hope you like it and am looking forward to your comments.

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Wimmel mit! Tours Wolfenbüttel

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Wimmel mit! The Online Wimmelpicture Project

Because I've decided to show the inside-outs of drawing and developing a wimmelpicture story, I'm offering my readers the chance to become part of "Wimmel mit! The Online Wimmelpicture Project". You can be part of the big Wimmelpicture!

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See you next week!

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