Wimmel mit! Sketch and Skribble

Wimmel mit!

Sketch with Wimmel mit! The Online Wimmelpicture Project

Yes, you can draw, too!

Some look in amazement at pictures and say, "Wow! I wish I could also do that." I wonder why they write off their own skills so quickly.

One of the goals I'm pursuing with Wimmel mit! is to encourage others to take the pen into their own hands, while I demonstrate the inner life and design of an illustration. 

It would be fantastic – and very lucrative – if I could pull my illustrations already finished out of my sleeve – but I can't. No one can. Sometimes I compare creating illustrations to being a parent and having kids: some births run easily and others need a bit more attention. And when the picture is finally finished, it's like your own child, part of you - but it's a completely different being.

I have no control over whether someone likes my illustration, whether my illustrations are easy to be around, or whether they may have their own personal quirks. Once they're born, I have to let go of them. For every picture I draw, I take the risk that no one will like it. But the same goes for taking the risk that others will love it. And when in doubt, I always choose love.

In my video clips, I show you some technical steps and my own personal thoughts. When I sit down and feel an unpleasant tingling sensation as if there were a monster under the bed, and then, as a child would grab its pacifier, I feel as if I'd rather escape to the candy-colored world of social media. You don't want to look under the bed and risk letting that tingling sensation out. But I get to work and shield myself with the Pomodoro method; however, in my case, it is the Howler timer from Stephan Lind from the App Store instead of an ordinary kitchen timer. (You need a little humor in your life – and no, I don't make money with the link. The timer is just cool and a lot of fun to use)

Wimmel mit! Sketch and Skribble

But I'm supposed to draw something nice!?!

Not for Grandma's Fireplace Mantel

I sit down and start to sketch and scribble. These are not pictures for Grandma's fireplace mantel (and not even for Instagram). These are the rawest drawings ever. Think of them as quick notes. They don't have to mean anything to anyone else – the main thing is they show you the way. 

Drawing is an Adventure Playground

On an adventure playground, you can slip, knock your head against the next tree and maybe dislocate an arm. But you have to admit... it's a lot of fun to take that risk, be it a playground that you visited as a child or one of those popular climbing and zip-lining parks.

This is how our Wimmel mit! journey begins. Today I will show you how I go up against my imaginary monsters and also in a later video (to be announced) what you have to do to get an illustration to be ready for print.

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Be Part of the Wimmel mit! Wimmelfun!

Wimmel mit! The Online Wimmelpicture Project

Because I've decided to show the inside-outs of drawing and developing a wimmelpicture story, I'm offering my readers the chance to become part of Wimmel mit! The Online Wimmelpicture Project. You can be part of the big Wimmelpicture! Just click over to this form and fill it out.

Don't worry so much about the formality of it. Your personal data privacy is important to me (and I try to uphold the most stringent rulings about data privacy) I won't share or sell your e-mail address.

Once you sign up, you will receive a download link from me. You only have to send back the form, which explains some legal stuff and where you have room to tell me about yourself, and your photos (so I know what you look like) There are no costs for participating - I draw you for free! and you always have control over your own data. I only show what you want me to show. That's it. Pretty simple.

Be Part of Wimmel mit! The Online Wimmelpicture Project! See you next week!

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