The Day Before

Little Hero—Fighting the Enemy Illustration of young boy with cowboy hat

The Day Before

Today I am taking a moment of my time to express my worries about tomorrow. Because tomorrow is election day and I am not sure that America, my homeland, really understands that this election will effect the world.

I am writing without knowledge of what tomorrow will bring. I am writing with a pit in my stomach that I will wake up on Wednesday to see that the catastrophe has happened. We, the People, seldom learn from the past. We, the People, are participating in an election which not only shows the faults in American politics, but also the growing chasm among the American people.

My eighth grade History teacher taught us that history moves as a spiral. There are times of peace. There are times of greed, hunger for power and war. We are basically just repeating the deeds we always have done, just in different places, at different times and our heroes and enemies carry different names. The acts, however, are the same.

From experience I know that my country—at least since my earliest childhood—needs an enemy to function as a whole. I worry, though, that the enemy that we are searching for, can be simply found in a mirror.

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