Auf die Größe kommt es doch darauf an. Manchmal ist es nützlich einfach analog zu denken. Titelgrößenvergleich

Wimmel mit! Roughly drawn

The Backbone of every Illustration is the Rough Sketch. Ooooh, aaahhh, huhhh? Many people who watch an artist at work expect to immediately recognize what the illustrator is drawing. This often happens to me when I go to town to sketch. I’m drawing to gather information, not to paint a beautiful Sunday picture. Many do […]

Ein Wimmelbild zeigt zahlreiche kleine Geschichten. Werdet Teil davon! Wimmelbildausschnitt mit hoffmanillustrates! Signet

Wimmel mit! The Online Wimmelpicture Project

What’s wimmeling now? Today is the start of Wimmel mit! The Online Wimmelpicture Project. But where are the wimmelpictures? They are there, look more closely, even closer… There are many buzzing around in my head. Developing a picture story can be sometimes very simple and complex at the same time. In this blog series you […]

My Uncle Fritz didn't get to know his Anneliese via carrier pigeon but as a pen pal through the mail. Illustration of a carrier pidgeon with a love letter

Heidelberg wimmelt – Wimmelsearchtip of the Week 32 – Love

A Day to Celebrate Love All over the world, the 14th of February is celebrated as St. Valentine’s Day. The Day of Love. There is a famous song about Love, ‘I Lost my Heart in Heidelberg’. (Ich habe mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren) The first time I heard it, it was during a snowy winter […]

Heidelberg wimmelt – Wimmelsearchtip of the Week 28 – Heidelberg’s Peregrine Falcon

In Heidelberg, high up in the tower of the Holy Spirit Church live peregrine falcons which you see in my illustration wearing red Christmas hats. Heidelberg is proud of its peregrine falcons. Hohenstaufen Emperor Frederick II Historically, falconry has always been a noble art. The Hohenstaufen Emperor Friederich II even kept journals about it. He […]

Auch in Heidelberg wimmelt wimmelt es vor Hunden. Zwei kleine Hunden beschnuppern sich auf dem Heidelberger Weihnachtsmarkt.

Heidelberg wimmelt – Wimmelsearchtip of the Week 27 – It’s a Dog’s World

The Christmas school holidays are almost over, but the days are still short and the nights are dark. Even though we want to try to do more sports in the New Year and get up off the couch more often, the darkness acts like a guard that incites our weaker selves against us. The Germans […]

Wimmelsearchtip of the Week 22 – Storks at the Christmas Market

Welcome to the Christmas market and welcome to the new Wimmelsearchtip of the week! Last week I asked you to do some sleuthing, namely to find the pregnant couple whose story threads through Heidelberg wimmelt.  It wasn’t that difficult. Or was it? Did you need a child to help you to solve the riddle? In […]

Wimmelsearchtip of the Week 11

My readers will have probably noticed that I hadn’t posted any Wimmelsuchtipp of the week last week. Why not? How this could have happened is also the reason that I am posting this little image from “Heidelberg wimmelt” this week: Just barely two weeks my daughter was accepted at the Hochschule Harz. We were more […]

Wimmelsuchtipp of the week 2

Have you found them yet—Perkeo, the red haired Royal Dwarf and his friend Thustu (pronounced toos-to), the bridge monkey? They are the best of friends and can be found on every page of “Heidelberg wimmelt”. Guess where they are right now and tell me in the comments below where else you have found them and […]

Heidelberg wimmelt — Fun & Spass for everyone

Heidelberg wimmelt! Wimmel fun in Heidelberg!

Heidelberg wimmelt! Wimmel fun in Heidelberg! I am so happy to announce the publication of my new search-and-find picture book, Heidelberg wimmelt, by Silberburg-Verlag. See one of the world’s most beautiful cities from your own home. You don’t even need to know German (there isn’t any text—just plenty of adventure). Each page is an adventure in […]

How the mighty Amazon was formed. Illustration ©Kimberley Hoffman

How the Mighty Amazon River came to be

This is the tale of two brothers who turn themselves into a scorpion and a hummingbird to secretly follow their grandfather to a secret well, which was actually a tree from which water flowed. The brothers gathered the forest animals together to try to chop down the tree, but the tree was so mighty, that they […]

LineLino Auf dem Bauernhof

LineLino–Auf dem Bauernhof

LineLino–Auf dem Bauernhof is a unique learn-to-color-and-draw book for children and adults alike. And was nominated for the German Design Award 2016.

Arche Noah—My Little Zoo

Arche Noah – My little Zoo

My little Zoo—the “Arche Noah” in Braunschweig is a great way to spend a day full of fun, pony rides, lions and tigers and leopards, oh my. And if you look closely enough, you’ll find Til Eulenspiegel, Germany’s most (in-)famous jester up to his little tricks. I’ve hidden two here in the zoo. Can you […]