Heidelberg Event Portraits

That was a busy two weeks in Heidelberg, first at the zoo, then at Max Bar and the next day at KU17 on the ‘Neckarwiese’ (Heidelberg’s riverside park). My work on my new book, ‘Heidelberg wimmelt’ is getting a huge amount of press… tv, radio, the DPA (the German press agency) article written by Christine Cornelius sparked national interest appearing first in the Rhein Neckar Zeitung and even getting mentioned by Focus Online. Other newspaper and web portals such as the Mannheimer Morgen are really hungry for news on this new search-and-find-book for Heidelberg.

I even got to draw Mayor Würzner, the mayor of Heidelberg. And it was fascinating listening to all those personal stories, of the young concert violinist (12 years old) and her 250 year old violin, or of the man who proposed to his wife on the top of the Empire State Building. These aren’t all of the people I drew during four events (two at the Heidelberger Zoo, one at Max Bar and one at KU17), but it will give you a taste of who to look for when my book is published.

Now what am I going to do with all these drawings you might ask? These people are becoming characters in my new search and find book ‘Heidelberg wimmelt’ from Silberburg Verlag, coming out just in time for Easter 2017. (And don’t worry if you can’t speak or read German. There isn’t any text inside, so you can spend more time discovering hidden details). Pre-orders are being accepted now. Just download this form and eMail it to Silberburg Verlag GmbH.

For more information about Event Drawings or to order a portrait, please send me your information to info(@)hoffman‑illustrates.com