October is the most exciting time of the year for illustrators. It's time for the Frankfurt International Book Fair. The whole international book industry is going to be there. I'll be there, too, meeting with publishers, editors, art directors and colleagues and will be reporting via Instagram about what I see and experience. Every free minute I get will be invested in enjoying the latest novels, art books and cover designs, uncovering upcoming trends and getting many new ideas for the coming year. I'll be sure to share them with you on my After-A-Fair-Blog-Post. Are you an illustrator with questions about planning a successful Frankfurt Book Fair visit? Then post your questions in the comments below.

Even though I am almost drowning in work, I treated myself this Sunday to with Johanna Fritz and Rebekah Ginda, who held an exciting workshop on textile design for illustrators in Hanover at Limetrees. The photos show the course in different stages, e.g. How do you get inspiration, practical things like stamp-techniques, and for me especially important: how to create a rapport–a print which can be  repeated seamlessly. I really enjoyed learning and networking with so many talented colleagues. This workshop is highly recommendable to any illustrator interested in pattern design. Johanna and Rebekah offer not only really great know-how, their instructions were clear and easy to understand, and are both great fun and friendly to boot. Thanks to this workshop, I now have another way of marketing my illustrations

And now back to work. There's a double page of the "Heidelberg wimmelt", which wants to get finished today.

PS last-but-not-least! Can find me on RedBubble! Just in time for Halloween, I have a monster picture in the shop. Trick or Treat! After the Frankfurt Book Fair is finished, I'll be uploading more work to embellish great shirts, cups and cell phones. And you'll profit from what I've learned this past Sunday at Johanna's and Rebekah's pattern design workshop.  If you are looking for a particular picture that you want to buy on a RedBubble product post here in the comments. I'll be happy to whip something up.


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