Heidelberg wimmelt – Now it is real!

Heidelberg wimmelt – now it is real!

Many have told me I should be very happy and proud because my hidden object picture book,  “Heidelberg wimmelt” which took 900 hours to illustrate, was finally done. Even though I’ve already held posters, postcards and copies of the book in my hands, something was missing. Something that I could not describe.
"Heidelberg wimmelt" in Buchhandlung Steuber with Mr Marco Runge, owner of Buchhandlulng Steuber
And this thing that was missing, was seeing my book at a real bookstore. Next to other wonderful creations scented of paper and printer’s ink. 

Until yesterday,  when I our visited local booksellers to promote my search-and-find book. Mr Marco Runge already was displaying it prominently with the other lovely children’s books at Buchhandlung Steuber  (pictured above). Thank you Mr Runge! You’ve made my day. ? 

Heidelberg wimmelt in Buchhhandlung Steuber. Figure: Mr Marco Runge photo © Kimberley Hoffman

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