Look! My work-in-progress hit German TV!

I can’t believe all the hype my new search-and-find book, “Heidelberg wimmelt” is getting. Last week, I was in Heidelberg for a second to for research and two event drawings (I even got to draw the Oberburgermeister (Mayor in Chief)). All in all there were seven interviews: one tv, two with radio stations and four with print & online journalists, including the German national press association, the DPA.

I’ll be adding more links to this and showing off my event drawings as the week goes along.

And I’d like to say here thanks to all the Heidelbergers who showed up to have their portraits drawn and to be included as figures in ‘Heidelberg wimmelt’, including Frau B. who wanted to be drawn directly as a figure for the book.

Look here for more of my event portraits for ‘Heidelberg wimmelt’.