Wimmel mit! The Online Wimmelpicture Project

Wimmel mit! The Online Wimmelpicture Project

What's wimmeling now?

Today is the start of Wimmel mit! The Online Wimmelpicture Project. But where are the wimmelpictures?

They are there, look more closely, even closer… There are many buzzing around in my head.

A hidden object is more than just color on paper Foto of pencils, paint brushes and wooden figures
A wimmelpicture is more than just color on paper

Developing a picture story can be sometimes very simple and complex at the same time. In this blog series you learn a little about the development of the stories and how you can make some yourself. By the end of this, you will be able to create your own wimmelpictures.

Plan for the big Picture

Where will your wimmelstory take place? I decided to take my city as a background because it has a lot to offer. But you can also choose a situation like a daycare centre where your children spend the day, a sports club, a hospital or even your workplace. Select a theme for which sparks your creative fire.

Be Spontaneous

Don't think too much about it. What ideas first came to mind? Write them down. Then ask yourself which other related topics might come from that first idea.

When I think of Wolfenbüttel, I think of the historic Old Town, the weekly farmers' markets that take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays, of my favorite ice cream parlor, and of our beach bar with beach volleyball, I think about the youth center, which offers free time activities for the children of the area and to the City Marathon that is held at the end of summer.

And I think of the hidden waterways that meander underneath the city, to the casemates that were rediscovered a few years ago.

I think of our prison, where a film with Harald Juhnke, a famous German actor, was shot, of the world famous company Jägermeister, of our castle, or castles (we have two next to each other) of the Herzog August Library, of the many elementary schools and first grade festivals, of the gymnasium and poets, for which Wolfenbüttel is known – it calls itself Lessing's city and has an area it calls the Poets' Quarter.

I think of our Christmas market, and the bus-pulling event in May and of the rubber duck races on the Oker river around Easter.

Which Format do You want your World to Wimmel in?

Is your brain teeming with ideas? Now it's time to narrow them down.

For this project I will paint a poster in DIN A2 landscape format. You can imagine it as a double page in a book if you want to, because most wimmelbooks have double-paged layouts.

Since this is an open, non-commissioned project, I have a lot of leeway in the design so I don't have to highlight a particular company or locality. But at the same time, I have to keep an eye on the fact that although there will be lots of stories in my wimmelpicture, that the stories don't become an unintelligible tangle of images.

This mama with a tired child was part of my Wimmelbuchs Heidelberg teeming. Have you found them yet?
This mama with a tired child was part of my wimmelbook, ‚Heidelberg wimmelt‘. Have you found them yet?

Who's going to wimmel?

Next you should also think about who is going to wimmel in your picture – friends, family, neighbors, made-up people, people from bygone times, people you've been watching somewhere?

When you think about them, what are they doing? When I think of my neighbor, I see her with her new puppy, or when I think of our weekly market, I see the spices sold by Dudel, a spice company from the area, or of the old cheese merchant who sells the tastiest cheese around and is really happy and passionate about selling cheese.

I see the children and their grandmas at the duck pond with all the ducks, geese and swans, the city's Easter nest where the children search for Easter eggs, or the Knight's Feast in the castle, where children can craft their own ' knight helmets'.

Tortoise Sketch - Tortoise Love sketch of two old tortoises
Tortoise Sketch - Tortoise Love

With all of this in mind, I know which parts of the city I would like to emphasize in my picture story. In my next blog-post I'll give you a short guided tour of Wolfenbüttel, so you can see where our creative journey is headed.

Hashtag #wimmelmit

If you want to draw your own wimmelpicture, follow me on Instagram and Facebook; post your progress on Instagram with the #wimmelmit hashtag. That way I can find you quickly.

See you next week! In the mean time join Wimmel mit! The Online Wimmelpicture Project!

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