Heidelberg wimmelt – Wimmelsearchtip of the Week 14

"Heidelberg wimmelt" Wimmelsearchtip of the week 14 - The Dwarves' Mountain

Heidelberg wimmelt – Wimmelsearchtip of the Week 14

TBT - Throw Back Thursday. And time for a new Wimmelsearchtipp of the week! 

The autumn has come to rest with us in Lower Saxony. The weather is cooler, the days shorter, and gradually you can find signs of autumn. The leaves are still green, but I now and then I find chestnuts and acorns, and spy squirrels, stashing away their food for the winter. I love autumn. But today being TBT I am thinking back to my journey to Maerchenparadies in Heidelberg. Maerchenparadies means "Fairytale Paradise" – an apt name for a magical place. 

Our Wimmelsearchtipp of the week can be found in the autumnal "Koenigstuhl" (Kings Chair). I like thinking back to the first time that I'd seen the Dwarves' Mountain at Maerchenparadies. The fairytale treasures of this park make my illustrator heart skip a beat. You can discover the dwarves in this colorful forest where they mine for coal and treasures.

Since having been there, I've become a fan of Maerchenparadies. It is a family-run business that makes this park a magical place with wonderful ideas for kids and continues the tradition of narrative fairy tale dolls for all their visitors (these mechanical dolls are older than the Maerchenparadies itself), and offers families a wonderful day together, where kids have freedom to explore and the parents give the feeling that the world is really intact. 

What are you waiting for!?! Breathe in the scent of the forest in a place deserving of its magical name, Maerchenparadies. And while you are there, you're can purchase my book, "Heidelberg wimmelt", directly from Maerchenparadies and listen to the enticing fairy tales in the park. There is so much to discover there.

"Heidelberg wimmelt" can also be found at your favorite bookseller, directly from the publisher, Silberburg-Verlag , or from an online bookseller of your choice. 

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