Heidelberg wimmelt! Wimmel fun in Heidelberg!

Heidelberg wimmelt! Wimmel fun in Heidelberg!

I am so happy to announce the publication of my new search-and-find picture book, Heidelberg wimmelt, by Silberburg-Verlag.

See one of the world’s most beautiful cities from your own home. You don’t even need to know German (there isn’t any text—just plenty of adventure).

Each page is an adventure in itself, exploring the wonderful sites of Heidelberg, Germany. Experience the famous old castle, enjoy the unmistakeable view from the ‚Koenigstuhl‘ (German for ‚the king’s throne‘), see what the apes and elephants are up to in the zoo, celebrate on the ‚living Neckar‘ river and philosophize about life on the Philosphers’ Way high above the city.

There are many happy things to discover. Comment below where you have found the Granary Mice, who are on a wandering tour through Heidelberg. And have some fun with Perkeo, the castle dwarf famous for his fine clothes and his love of wine, and Thustu, the famous bridge monkey, who are always ready to play a silly prank. What other little stories have you found?

I’ve even drawn many of the residents of Heidelberg into the book, too. I know that at least one person has already found himself and his dog, a sweet pug, at the castle. And who couldn’t lose their heart in Heidelberg?

It is now available in the book stores and also can be ordered online—you can even order directly from the publisher! Click on the words “in den Warenkorb” which mean “place into the shopping basket”. If you would rather purchase Heidelberg wimmelt from a book seller give them this ISBN number: ISBN 978‑3‑8425‑2006‑6

If you are planning to be in the area, I will be officially launching Heidelberg wimmelt on June 3rd and 4th at Maerchenparadies in Heidelberg, with a sneak-preview at the bookstore, Büchhandlung Böttger, in Mannheim, on June 2nd. I’ll post more details close to those dates.

Stay tuned. I am planning the „Making of Heidelberg wimmelt. Sign up for my newsletter for a behind the scenes look at creating „Heidelberg wimmelt.“ Don’t miss out.

Heidelberg wimmelt
ISBN 978‑3‑8425‑2006‑6
Schönbuchstraße 48
D-72074 Tübingen