“Die Sieben Riesen” – the Seven Giants

Die Sieben Riesen – The Seven Giants

Tongue twister illustration of seven giants.
Die sieben Riesen niesen während die Nieselwinde bliesen. Liesen die Winde das Nieselen, würden die Riesen nicht niesen.

The seven Giants… another German tongue twister

If you have been following along with attention, you'll already know that I am an American illustrator based in Germany. And that I do enjoy funny tongue twisters. Here is one that is a little long: Die sieben Riesen niesen, weil die Nieselwinde bliesen. Liessen die Winde das Nieseln, dann würden die Riesen nicht niesen.

And all that boils down to: The seven giants are sneezing because the drizzly winds are breezy. Were the winds not so breezy, then the giants wouldn't be so sneezy. 

(Admittedly not as cute as in German, but you get the idea).

What is your favorite tongue twister? Maybe I'll sketch it for you.

The seven Giants as a Coloring Book Image

Here you see the idea behind the tongue twister drawings. Tongue twisters are great for children who have speech deficiencies (and are really good for adults who need to keep a nimble mind). Children can color during speech practice and laugh while they are doing it, too.

tongue twister coloring book picture of seven giants
Die sieben Riesen picture to color