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Kimberley Hoffman ©Fotostudio Elenass

I create friendly illustrations for children and families. My clients are publishers, ad- and marketing agencies and even not-for-profit agencies. I also work with private clients who wish to publish their own books, including board books. Get in touch with me.

For my Busy Readers a Quick Summary:

I am a graduate of Parsons School of Design in New York City and spent a semester in Parsons in Paris. I create friendly illustrations for children and families and my clients are businesses that serve that focus group. These can be publishers, advertising or marketing agencies or creative work for non-profit agencies.  I also work with private clients who wish to publish their own books, including board books.I create graphic design based projects, such as the flyer and the poster for a local yearly Children and Youth Reading week, a long term client of mine. Get in touch with me.


Do you need more details?

You can ask me questions like: So how does an American end up in Germany?

Believe it or not, it was a dark and rainy Friday the 13th with a chain of events pinnacling in Café Heidelberg in New York. (If anyone is into WWII stories, that is where all the spies hung out, I‘ve been told). Three months later, I came to Germany on a one-way ticket (stipulation of my now husband. Back then I'd known him for only 3 weeks before I made the decision to fly). That was 1992 and I haven‘t looked back since.

But getting back to the creative side of things… I‘ve been drawing and creating ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper, and thanks to a negative comment from one of my art teachers (Mr. S of NH Highschool) and a good bit of healthy strong will, I taught myself to draw, got accepted to Parsons School of Design‘s Illustration Program, graduated and came to Germany.

You can also ask me questions like:

What kinds of illustrations do you do?

Well, my focus is on communication design for children and families, but I do love doing things like illustrating for Springer-Gabler Verlag, which is a non-fiction publisher and doing realistic illustrations. I also have a penchant for creating Search-and-Find pictures, event drawing and am proud to have been nominated for the German Design Award 2016 for LineLino Auf dem Bauernhof.

Do you just illustrate?

No. I keep things going so as not to get stale. I enjoy working on real 3-dimensional objects and teaching others about illustration and design. Currently, I tutor students at OCAD, an online preparatory college in England (college being the equivalant of an American high school). I also take on classic print media projects and book design.

Where do you get your ideas?

From everywhere. All around. I love doing research for historical illustrations. I‘ve always been an observant person, making notes and scribbles in my sketchbook. I watch kids play and when I‘m out with my sketchbook, feel honored when they draw for me. (My most recent kid-sketch is from an 8 years old girl I met at a recent outdoor festival. It is of a spotted pony named Flecki, which is a name you would give a spotted pony in Germany) It burns things into my brain that way. I am definitely a ,paper first‘ illustrator and grow my illustrations either in Photoshop and/or Illustrator or further in a physical, paper form.

What is important to you?

A satisfied client. A trustful client relationship. Good design and fantastic illustration.

Because at the end of the day, I want my work to make you smile.

Have you got a project that you want to smile about? Let me know the details by mail, contact form or phone +49 (0) 53 31-3 36 20.

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